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Ada-Lynn Honeycutt

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Wellll shit. [Apr. 30th, 2005|01:08 am]
Ada-Lynn Honeycutt
[mood |exhaustedfuckin tired]
[music |Kenny Chesney]

2day haz ben 1 of them dayz...I sware 2 Gawd, I took a shower this afternoon cuz i hadnt in a long ass tyme and i's startin 2 smell...and when I gots in therre and wuz awashin, my fuckin chyneeze/mexican fetus baybee fell out mah cooter an went down tha fuckin DRAIN! i's so pissed off til i realized thats 1 less fuckin baybee i have 2 take care of, then i's fuckin psyked!

N e wayz, ever friday nite, i go 2 them baybee races an take bubba joe. i been trainin him fer a good 6 months an he finlly won to-nite! he got 15 bucks and a fuckin cheap ass trophy that i pawned at the snow white. roy wuz at the fuckin Bingo an wuznt done yet, so i went on home 2 tha trailer after them baybee races cuz i's fuckin tired. n e way, i's layin therre on the futon with a Cig in mah mouth and fuckin fell asleep watchin the CMT. so i woked up an mah lip an mah snaggle tooth was fuckin meltin 2 mah chin an so i wiped it all off on roy davids shirt an to beat all, theres a fuckin hole in mah lip now!

i actully kinda like it. i'm thankin about puttin a rang in it or somethin.

oh shit. i fuckin fergot 2 pick roy up from the Bingo.

-ada lynn

Dale Sr 4-ever!
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Jest had 2 update with... [Apr. 28th, 2005|07:50 pm]
Ada-Lynn Honeycutt
[mood |thirstyfuckin need some jack daniels]
[music |ALAN JACKSON!!!]

...some hawt ass pix!

Mah secksie teeth, or wuts left of em:

Mah good "frinde" Buck:

Fuckin suck it, motherfuckers!

Yew don' kno me!

I got my fuckin welfare check 2day from tyrell and fuckin bought the en-tire liqer barn an then realized i didnt have no money left 4 fuckin food. great, jest great.

oh mah gawd! fuckin george dubya is on the tv!!!!!!!

oh yeah...i stole this fuckin tv from the damn mini mall jest in case yer wonderin. its fuckin SWEET.

ya'll should cum over to the trailer soon 2 see it...oh an brang sum food 2.


Dale 4-ever
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Shit fire. [Apr. 27th, 2005|07:21 pm]
Ada-Lynn Honeycutt
[mood |hungryfuckin' hungry]
[music |Alabama's greatest hits]

I got 9 kids, goin' on 10 and livin in a single-wide! A DAMN SINGLE-WIDE! i've been savin up for the double wide, but that little bastard shit of mine, Bubba Joe keeps on eatin all the GD change i put in that fuckin double wide savins jar and if he aint eat it all, then Roy David done stole it to buy some of the marijuana, and him only 9 years old.

stupid sons of bitches.

i figured i should start me one of these thangs up cuz all my tractor-pull buddies are doin it. right now im on maternity leave from prostitutin and workin at the boone square mini mall.

my fuckin boss lucinda is a fuckin nightmare. i went to work the other day and i sware to the good lord in heavn if lucinda didnt git my paycheck wrong, and therre aint NOBODY that cheats me out of my money and it was fuckin 75 cents! so i called her fat ass out(oh mah GAWD, i fuckin hate fat people) and she was all, "yer a stupid bitch, ada-lynn!" so i's like,"shut the fuck up, motherfucker! YEW DONT KNO ME! i'll fuckin burn down yer shitty ass trailer while you sleep!" and then she was all, "yer a crazy ass bitch, ada-lynn!" so i's all, "OH NO YOU DIDNT, motherfucker! yew can go straight to hell!"

And then i fuckin ate her car keys.
by GAWD, it hurt comin out, but i figure just so long as i pissed her off real good, it was fuckin WORTH IT.

anyway, my fuckin rockweiler, Cujo, is fuckin humpin up on everthing i got cuz the fuckin kids wont make that son of a bitch stay outside the trailer, where his ass belongs and i aint got no money to get him fixed cuz fuckin ROY spent it all at the fuckin BINGO...when he is fuckin supposed to be at work. worthless shit.

my fuckin kids is atearin down the damn libary that im typin this in(on the INNERNETS!), so i better go get the fuckin mace or fuckin call the cops.

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