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Ada-Lynn Honeycutt

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Shit fire. [Apr. 27th, 2005|07:21 pm]
Ada-Lynn Honeycutt
[mood |hungryfuckin' hungry]
[music |Alabama's greatest hits]

I got 9 kids, goin' on 10 and livin in a single-wide! A DAMN SINGLE-WIDE! i've been savin up for the double wide, but that little bastard shit of mine, Bubba Joe keeps on eatin all the GD change i put in that fuckin double wide savins jar and if he aint eat it all, then Roy David done stole it to buy some of the marijuana, and him only 9 years old.

stupid sons of bitches.

i figured i should start me one of these thangs up cuz all my tractor-pull buddies are doin it. right now im on maternity leave from prostitutin and workin at the boone square mini mall.

my fuckin boss lucinda is a fuckin nightmare. i went to work the other day and i sware to the good lord in heavn if lucinda didnt git my paycheck wrong, and therre aint NOBODY that cheats me out of my money and it was fuckin 75 cents! so i called her fat ass out(oh mah GAWD, i fuckin hate fat people) and she was all, "yer a stupid bitch, ada-lynn!" so i's like,"shut the fuck up, motherfucker! YEW DONT KNO ME! i'll fuckin burn down yer shitty ass trailer while you sleep!" and then she was all, "yer a crazy ass bitch, ada-lynn!" so i's all, "OH NO YOU DIDNT, motherfucker! yew can go straight to hell!"

And then i fuckin ate her car keys.
by GAWD, it hurt comin out, but i figure just so long as i pissed her off real good, it was fuckin WORTH IT.

anyway, my fuckin rockweiler, Cujo, is fuckin humpin up on everthing i got cuz the fuckin kids wont make that son of a bitch stay outside the trailer, where his ass belongs and i aint got no money to get him fixed cuz fuckin ROY spent it all at the fuckin BINGO...when he is fuckin supposed to be at work. worthless shit.

my fuckin kids is atearin down the damn libary that im typin this in(on the INNERNETS!), so i better go get the fuckin mace or fuckin call the cops.


[User Picture]From: southerncharm69
2005-04-28 01:42 am (UTC)

Lucinda can suck on my fuckin balls

omg ada-lyn i fuckin hate lucinda, here fuckin ass yousta cum thru the drive thru all the fuckin time aksin for a fuckin extra large cookie dough blizzard and one for her "friend" aka her ass!
Fuckin skank!
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[User Picture]From: suck_my_cig69
2005-04-28 02:30 am (UTC)

Oh EM efin GEE!

i fuckin know!

all them fuckin cookie dough blizzards went straight to her fat ass!
by the way, who is that sexy peece of man in that pic? is that yer fuckin husband?

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[User Picture]From: southerncharm69
2005-04-28 08:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Oh EM efin GEE!

FuCk YeAh MaN that's my fuckin sweet us husband fuckin tommy, not to be confussed with that motherfucker tommy runnin the dq's down thur in bera!
yeah we got hitched about 6 years ago
i fuckin love your icon it makes me think of my fuckin daughter fuckin trixie jr. she's a fuckin angel and she's always naked...i don't realy know why thou, oh well
call me i got me an 800 # now to work at home during the days that i'm not workin at the shave cooter
fuckin call it: 1-800-suc-n-coc
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