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Ada-Lynn Honeycutt

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Wellll shit. [Apr. 30th, 2005|01:08 am]
Ada-Lynn Honeycutt
[mood |exhaustedfuckin tired]
[music |Kenny Chesney]

2day haz ben 1 of them dayz...I sware 2 Gawd, I took a shower this afternoon cuz i hadnt in a long ass tyme and i's startin 2 smell...and when I gots in therre and wuz awashin, my fuckin chyneeze/mexican fetus baybee fell out mah cooter an went down tha fuckin DRAIN! i's so pissed off til i realized thats 1 less fuckin baybee i have 2 take care of, then i's fuckin psyked!

N e wayz, ever friday nite, i go 2 them baybee races an take bubba joe. i been trainin him fer a good 6 months an he finlly won to-nite! he got 15 bucks and a fuckin cheap ass trophy that i pawned at the snow white. roy wuz at the fuckin Bingo an wuznt done yet, so i went on home 2 tha trailer after them baybee races cuz i's fuckin tired. n e way, i's layin therre on the futon with a Cig in mah mouth and fuckin fell asleep watchin the CMT. so i woked up an mah lip an mah snaggle tooth was fuckin meltin 2 mah chin an so i wiped it all off on roy davids shirt an to beat all, theres a fuckin hole in mah lip now!

i actully kinda like it. i'm thankin about puttin a rang in it or somethin.

oh shit. i fuckin fergot 2 pick roy up from the Bingo.

-ada lynn

Dale Sr 4-ever!