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Workin' them corners like it's nobodies businASS

A hand job is STILL a job!

Ada-Lynn Honeycutt
17 April
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i'm 24 years old and i'm about to have 10 kids. i am separated from my step daddy and husband, Roy, but we are thankin of renewing our marrige at one of them real nice, drive thru places. hopefully it will be as magical as the first time we got hitched in the wal-marts. roy still lives with me in our single wide. only 7 of my kids are Roys, and maybe even sum of them is his brother Ray's. i got two black baybes with my big black pimp daddy, tyrell...but Roys middle name aint "general lee" for nuthin, so i have to hide them from him in the bathroom, but he wont do nuthin cuz Tyrell is 7 feet tall and 250 pounds of pure mussle. i would run away from roy and stay with tyrell, but he wont take care of the other 7 baybees.
my kids:
Teresa Dale-10
Roy David-9
Tyrell JR-8
Gerald Roy-6
Bubba Joe-2
Robby Ray-8 months
Hubie Raymond-2 months
T-roy Dalton-2 months

Job: Workin them corners like its nobodies business when I'm not on maternity.

Dog: Rockweiler called CUJO.

Here's my sweet fuckin ride:

Jealus much?

Here's Roy, my hawt ass husband/step daddy:

Here's my fuckin single wide and sum of my chitlins:

Here's sum more of my kids:

Here's my real daddy in his sweet ass pool:

Here's mah big, black pimp, Tyrell:

alabama, beatin' my kids, big black men, big trucks, bj's, cock fights, contractin' various sti's, country music, cows, dale earnhardt sr!, double wides, drankin', drankin' some more, fishin, fuckin' skynyrd!, goin' to bars, grits, hand jobs, jack daniels, jell-o wrastlin', jerry springer, jim beam, lottery, meth labs, mud wrastlin', nascar, prostitutin', ray(my husbands brother), rockweilers, sex, sexin' like wild rabbits, smokin', suckin' on some marlboros, the oak ridge boyz, tractor pulls, tractor racin, tractors, tyrell, welfare, white trash, whorin' in general, wwe